This is where you once belonged

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Lounging Sonia is a band from Northern Germany.
Dreamland is their first album. 10 original songs that defy a genre. Sure it's pop music but the arrangements are so clever and imaginiative, the production and composition so perfectly natural, that the songs seem to be a bridge to a world of dreams.

The Band
The Songs

The Band


Jan Kirchner


Jan has been playing bass and guitar since the age of twelve. He played with well-known acts ranging from Prog-Metal to Funk. He spent years on the mixing boards in Europe and the US and now runs his own studio near Hamburg. Jan produced this album.


Ole Steinhoff

Vocals, Keys

Ole was clearly born to sing. After the death of John Lennon he was inspired to write songs and bring them to the stage. He is a trained musician, arranger, and teaches all aspects of music in Hamburg. Ole founded Lounging Sonia with long-time colleagues Jan und René.


René Robrahn


René has been drumming since he was 14. René is a sought after session drummer who has worked with many well-known international artists. He gives Lounging Sonia a characteristic sound with drumming that fits so well into this talented ensemble.

The Songs

The Words


This is dreamland, this is where you once belonged. This is dreamland, this is where you can’t go wrong.

Something Better

Enlighten me with your smile. Walk beside me for a while. Free to change your scene.

Change Me

Change me. I happen to be this way.

Leaves Me Thinking

As far as you let me see and look into your life leaves me thinkin’


She s afraid to sleep. The world has shown an ugly face and she would cry to me. Her tears are falling from such grace.

Staying Out Late

Staying out late in the middle of the year. Tryin' to arbitrate as long as I care. Thinking of you I don´t know what to do

New Life

Do all you can, help yourself again before you disappear forever

Tell Me

When you remember, tell me you love me. It’s only you who can. I will be waitin’ until there is somethin’.

One More Time

Tell me, were you looking back while gazing right into the fading sun

Bird Of Passion

Like a bird of passage in the air knows the time and place to fly